About Us


Lebanese interior and product designer ,from a dreaming teenager
who filled his school drawing books with design sketches,
Jabre has been driven by nature to become an interior
designer with a Master’s degree in furniture design.
Because every place reflects its owner, Jabre always
strives to fulfill the desires of his clients by adding
a special spirit to each project.

He does not only aim for fame or success but for making a unique
artwork from each piece of furniture added to a living or working
space. For him, every project is a soul that we need to add some
life to; therefore, his work is a combination of technique,
creation, and a lot of passion.
We think, we feel, we create! ...



Founded in 2005 in Lebanon, Jabre Concept Architecture Studio is a full service interior design firm currently present in over 10 countries around the globe such as Canada, UAE, Qatar, KSA, and others. Over our 16 years of operation, our team that consists of 9 members and 13 designers has accomplished more than 70 projects that include residences, institutions, boutiques, malls, hotels, and palaces. Our Clients range from governmental bodies to corporations, small businesses, as well as individuals. We insist that each project stands out for its high degree of flare and functionality along with deep understanding and unwavering commitment to cultural and environmental aspects. At Jabre concept, each Project is uniquely analyzed, studied, designed, and assessed in order to be innovative and timeless. Our portfolio includes captivating trend-setting designs that are redefining measuring the standards. Client satisfaction has always been paramount and the reason for our great sense of pride. We not only aim to have clients but build long-term relationships with countless partners.